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MPLS virtual private networks are making businesses with multiple locations increasingly more efficient every day.   The secret to MPLS, an abbreviation for Multiprotocol Label Switching, lies in its ability to scale and to prioritize traffic across the network.  MPLS complies with all of that major standards of encryption that exist: PCI (for credit card processing), HIPPA (for the confidential handling of patient data in health care), and many others. MPLS is able to do this using something we call “Class of Service”, or the ability to differentiate different types of packets across the network.  With MPLS you can run business IP voice service without any problems since the MPLS network can route your voice packets first, before data packets.  This prioritization allows you to have clean, undistorted phone conversations using your VoIP phones – saving money and headache.

MPLS is also a very flexible architecture, allowing you to mix and match different delivery, or last-mile, connection options.  Ethernet, TDM (T1), they all work to connect your offices or end-points to the core network which resides at the carrier.  Since your traffic stays private and never touches the public internet, you can build a virtual private network behind the carrier core, which includes very expensive and robust firewall gear, routers, and anti-virus software.  The entire network is protected from the inside out.

If you have multiple locations and are wondering which solution is best for you, we need to talk.  Here at MPLS-VPN.com we have many years of experience designing and obtaining competitive quotes from all of the major MPLS carriers, including CenturyLink, Level 3, AT&T, MegaPath, and more.   MPLS is not right for every business, but it may be right for yours.  Give us a call or fill out the form above and we’ll get right to work for you.